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Offset your crypto's carbon footprint with ease

Cryptocurrency and NFT's are here to stay, but that doesn't mean we can let them destroy our planet. With Cultivate's offset calculator, we make it easy to reduce your crypto's impact on the environment.

Know The Current Cost

View the live cost to offset a single transaction on the Bitcoin and Etherium blockchain

Learn Your Impact

Use our calculator to see the cost of the impact your crypto transactions have had on our planet just by providing your BTC or ETH Wallet or connecting your Coinbase account.

Offset Your Transactions

After learning the cost of your impact on the environment, pay to have your carbon footprint offset.

Where The Money Goes

When you pay to offset your carbon footprint, that money is used to purchase carbon offset credits from Carbonfund.org

How is the Cost to Offset Calculated?

We've developed a proprietary algorithm to compute the energy consumption of current and historical transactions on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. We source live data from the most reputable resources in the crypto & NFT space for our algorithm. We use the conversion factor defined by the EPA to convert this number into a carbon footprint.

Make a Positive Impact

Buy and sell crypto and NFTs with peace of mind that you are still doing your part to keep the environment intact.

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